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Collecting Data for PA's Bed & Breakfast Industry

STROne of Pennsylvania’s most important partners is STR (Smith Travel Research), the standard for market data for the hotel and lodging industry. STR will provide key information to support our Bed & Breakfasts and  Pennsylvania’s travel economy. Developed by the hotel management analytics firm Smith Travel Research, the Hotel Survey is a complimentary benchmarking tool that compares your Bed & Breakfast performance against the performance of other properties in your area.


It is more important than ever to participate in the STR Bed & Breakfast Survey Program!

Having the most complete information possible will help us as we fight for more economic relief measures and other support for Pennsylvania’s bed and breakfast industry at the local, state and federal level. You can make a difference by making sure your property is represented.

Just as Hoteliers rely on solid STR data to make sound decisions, our industry needs data specific to Bed & Breakfasts so that PABBI can demonstrate to elected officials that economic relief is needed.

STR will work with our industry to make sure Pennsylvania’s reports are accurate and helpful. It will be important to track rate and to measure occupancy to guide our way to recovery. Your reported information is confidential and no individual bed and breakfast data will be displayed in any report.

Enrollment is easy and fast – just use this sign up page

Remitting your data only takes a few minutes of your time once per month. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that we collect data for calendar year 2019 in addition to 2020, so the initial reporting will require more of your time.

Please join the professional bed and breakfast industry in participating in STR. It will be a critical step in our work on your behalf. Monthly reports will be available in the members only section on

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Rose Mape, PABBI Director at 717-525-7799 or email

Thank you for your support.

PABBI Board of Directors