Experience a Pennsylvania Bed and Breakfast, Inn or Farm Stay

"Waking up in a "SAFER" State never meant as much as it does now. B&B's are adopting new policies to enhance already rigorous cleaning protocols. 

If you really want to know you’ve been someplace authentically special, stay at one of more than 600 Pennsylvania bed and breakfast inns. Your choices for personalized hospitality are endless: A converted schoolhouse, an old Victorian mansion, a 19th century hunting lodge, a converted barn, and so many more. Innkeepers take pride in helping you become acquainted with the streets, shops, fields, forests, or mountains where our predecessors lived and worked. Whether they're in the village, city, mountains, or farm country, PA innkeepers have a passion for place, and they're ready to help you make your visit special. These family-run accommodations are authentic and one-of-a-kind.

Find the Perfect Inn

Find The Perfect Inn

Find the Bed and Breakfast, Inn or Farm Stay that matches your idea of fun. Search by location, style, amenities, price and even things to do nearby.

Plan the Perfect Wedding

Plan Your Perfect Wedding

Getting Married? Search our many member Bed and Breakfasts and Farm Stays offering unique venues for your perfect Pennsylvania wedding.

Things to do in Pennsylvania

Outdoor Recreation


Ride Your Bike - Not a Horse-Drawn Buggy - Through Lancaster

With the largest Amish community in the country, Lancaster County may be known more for its quaint and old-fashioned appeals—but it would be a mistake to underestimate the natural attractions the county has to offer, ones which can be appreciated on a more modern form of conveyance than a horse-drawn buggy. This summer, there’s something for lei...

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History & Heritage


America Begins in Philadelphia

There’s nothing like an up-close look at the past to reinvigorate the present. As we approach Independence Day, an exploration of the iconic places in Philadelphia where the seeds of independence began to take root is a fitting way to anticipate the holiday.

At Carpenter’s Hall,...

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Culture & Sports


Erie: A Fresh Take on a Summer Standby

Trips to the ocean may seem like standard summer fare, but when it comes to Great Lakes vacations, “fresh” is an appropriate descriptor of much more than the water. These inland beaches are a refreshing alternative to beaches on the coasts of North America, offering the attractions of seaside destinations without the dangers and crowds. For thos...

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