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Short-Term Rentals

A major change in our industry is the rapid growth of short-term rental websites, most notably Airbnb, HomeAway and others. In just a few short years these sites have emerged as an influential and ingrained part of the short-term lodging industry.  


As a registered B&B/owner, please help us make a strong statement to our legislators and community leaders that the B&B industry is being unfairly impacted by short-term rental platforms. Our goal is to educate state associations, units of local governments, legislators and other entities on how can we level the playing field. Please make a commitment to:

  • Send a letter to your state senator and representative regarding the passage of HB 787 that will aid in the collection of County Hotel taxes and assist in promoting local and regional tourism assets. THEY NEED TO HEAR IT FROM YOU! Make time to visit them in their district offices.
  • Send a letter and/or meet with your local elected officials (mayor, zoning officer, township manager/supervisor, township/borough commissioners, and county commissioners and treasurer.) to discuss the impact of online home sharing platforms on your business and community.
  • Submit an article to your township or borough for publication in the community newsletter or on the website.
  • If not a member of PABBI, join your statewide trade organization to show your support of our advocacy and educational efforts regarding this very critical issue. The larger our trade organization, the stronger our leverage in Harrisburg. Click here to join.

To assist you, PABBI has developed a Short-Term Rentals Toolkit that includes:

Short-Term Rental Regulation

The Lancaster County Planning Commission developed a “Short-Term Rental Regulation” planning document to assist local officials in understanding the potential impact of short-term rental hosts and how to craft implementable planning and regulatory language. Sample ordinances are included for consideration. To view the document, click here.

Studies regarding the Impact of Short-Term Rentals

Airbnb Tax Secrecy” authored by tax administration expert Dan R. Bucks, who was Executive Director of the Multistate Tax Commission and ran the Montana Department of Revenue. 

"Hosts with Multiple Units - A Key Driver of Airbnb Growth" reveals taht Airbnb's business is moving even further away from true home sharing.



Legislation is needed to restore the integrity of the ADA law by addressing the unseemly practice of “drive-by” and “surf-by” lawsuits. The bill needs to reform Title III of the ADA, which covers private businesses open to the public, by specifying clear, unambiguous rules for identifying and correcting ADA access violations before allowing litigation or a drawn-out settlement process. If a business fails to correct an identified violation following a notice and a defined period of time, then the right for seeking legal recourse still applies under the ADA.

PABBI has sent a letter to each of Pennsylvania's two U.S. Senators and 18 U.S. Representatives along with supporting documentation that this is a critical issue that needs to be addressed. Below is the letter that PABBI sent along with a sample letter for you to use. 

Sample Letter to Your U.S. Senator and Representative

Letter Sent by PABBI