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2014 PABBI Conference

A very successful conference was held on November 4-6 at the Toftrees Resort in State College. Over 100 innkeepers and 17 vendors were in attendance. 

As a follow-up to several of the session, below are several links to presentations and additional resources.


Keynote: First to the Future: Digital and Travel, Ally Adams, Google

Additional resources for search enhancements and tools provided by Ally Adams.


Review Extensions - Review Extensions allow you to enrich your Search Ads by adding a line of text that highlights a positive article, award, or ranking from 3rd party sites.

Call Extensions - Call Extensions connect with your customers directly via the phone by extending your text ads with a phone icon on mobile devices and by displaying a phone number extension on computers and tablets. 

SiteLink Extensions - Rather than sending all users to the same landing page, Sitelinks Extensions will display up to 6 additional links on your Google search ad for users to choose from. Sitelinks help people find information deeper in your site so they can get to where they want to go faster.

Location Extensions - Location Extensions merge your property address and phone number seamlessly with your ad text. Whether you have a single property or multiple, location extensions allow you to attract customers who are interested in businesses in your area.

Hotel Price Ads (HPAs) - Learn how to be a part of Google's newest hotel finder system.


Think With Google - Follow the latest case studies, consumer insights and digital trends. Newsletter sign-up link.

Our Mobile Planet - Learn about smartphone adoption and usage across 48 countries. Create custom charts to deepen your understanding of the mobile consumer and get the data you need to guide your mobile strategy.

Google Trends - The latest trends in Search and what's growing in popularity.

YouTube Dashboard - See what videos are most popular in your city or even for a specific age group across the US. And sign up for YouTube Re:View to see what videos and ads are trending, who's hot, picks from industry experts, and more.


Session: Social Media is Like a Box of Chocolates: You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get, Lisa Kolb, Acorn Internet Services

Click on the link above to see Lisa's presentation.