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Pine Creek is Gorge-ous!

Our namesake may be all about our famous forests (and we take pride in being their caretakers) but Pennsylvania has a diverse landscape that is full of some of the planet’s most beautiful natural landmarks. Other than the endless expanse of woods teeming with wildlife, it’s the deep gorges and the streaming waterfalls of the Pennsylvania Wilds where we can tell, without a doubt, that it is here that Mother Nature has displayed some of her best designs.

One of these is Tioga County’s 1,000-foot deep  Pine Creek Gorge called the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. Designated a National Natural Landmark and one of 27 rivers to be chosen for the National Wild and Scenic River system, Pine Creek’s astounding canyon stretches 4,000 feet across from each side; at its widest and deepest spots, the gorge is a mile wide and 1,450 feet deep! The ravine is full of tranquil waterfalls, abundant wildlife, dramatic rock outcroppings and cliffs, and an old railroad that has been converted into a recreational hiking trail. Popular among bikers, hikers, runners, and wildlife viewers, the Pine Creek Rail Trail snakes its way for 65 miles along Pine Creek from Wellsboro to Jersey Shore, PA. Near its northern trail head, you will find two of the most breathtaking views on the planet from the vistas at Leonard Harrison State Park on the east side (accessed via Route 660) and Colton Point State Park on the west (accessed via Route 6/Forest Road). Pack your hiking sneakers and water bottle or bring the bikes; you don’t want to miss what USA Today named one of the Top 10 Places to Bike in the World. 

One of the most unique ways (and by far the most authentically “Pennsylvanian” way) to experience the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon isn’t from your own two feet (or wheels!) but on a horse-drawn covered wagon tour. Ole Covered Wagons offers guided tours that recount the rich history of the gorge as it was 200 years ago. All you have to do is sit back and relax as your guides tell the tales of Pine Creek Gorge. You also have the option of a summer waterfall tour. The waterfall tour is a 3.5-4 hour tour deep into the heart of the PA Grand Canyon. The covered wagon will travel to the little four mile falls and stop just a 100-yard walk away. More waterfalls are nearby if you’d like to seek them out. Keep in mind the falls are natural waterfalls and water carried over the falls is directly subject to rainfall amounts and can vary greatly. 

Plan your trip to Pine Creek Gorge and the Pine Creek Rail Trail in Tioga County today by booking a stay at a PA bed & breakfast!

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