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Pennsylvania's Best Trout Fishing Waters

State College is in the heartland of Pennsylvania's impressive system of waterways and tributaries, nestled between the massive main course of the Susquehanna River and its West Branch, and it offers some of the most challenging angling in the United States. Best known for its population of wild trout and miles that don't require any stocking by the state for fishing season, Penns Creek is some of the best trout fishing real estate on the continent. Its conditions are primed for large populations of trout: cold, spring-sourced water year-round and special regulations that are unique to Penns Creek preserve it as a pristine exemplar enjoyed by the most carping of outdoor adventurers (pun totally intended).

Practically overflowing with wild trout, (the PA Fish and Boat Commission say that Penns Creek has one of the highest densities of wild brown trout in the state) the spring-fed, frigid water of Penns Creek is also famous for its hatches that bring hundreds of flyrodders to Central Pennsylvania from all around the country. Early spring and April see the blue quill and Grannom Haddis hatches first while early June is host to the fabled Green Drake hatch. For a couple weeks, millions of big mayflies hover over the water, supplying a feast for the wild trout and drawing anglers throughout the United States and Canada to its cool waters. Penns Creek also boasts impressive March Brown and Sulphur hatches.

Even if you're a seasoned veteran, there's no guarantee of success on these creeks. The wild trout are notorious for being finicky and fickle. But there is a plus side; if you're one who patiently enjoys the intricate subtleties of fly fishing, then Penns Creek is for you. Keep an eye out, and don't move too quickly. Sometimes, the best anglers are waiting hours for just the right conditions.

Penns Creek DIY guide to fly fishing is a must review as you plan your getaway.  Then after a long day on the creek plan to stay at a Pennsylvania bed and breakfast or inn.  Also, make sure to review the PA Fish & Boat Commission’s fishing laws and regulations.

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