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Philadelphia’s New Museum of the American Revolution

Philadelphia’s brand new museum in its Historic District, just feet away from Independence Hall, tells the story of the creation of the American nation, one that history had been waiting for, and brings to life the people, events, and ideals that defined the American Revolution. The 118,000 square foot museum opened its doors on April 19, 2017 displaying its massive collection of revolutionary era objects to the public including letters, diaries, weapons, art, and more. Immersive mixed media galleries offer a modern audiovisual approach as well as create an experience that simulates a variety of scenarios during the Revolutionary War, like the full-size replica of the Liberty Tree and 18th century ship that visitors can actually board. What sets the Museum of the American Revolution apart, though, that is rather untraditional in American history, is that it discusses, informs, and teaches its visitors and listeners about those that were overlooked or cast aside when forming a nation of “equality” and “freedom.” Explore the stories and fascinating displays and exhibits that tell the stories of enslaved and free Africans, Native Americans, and women, in addition to the stories of the Founding Fathers and soldiers that we know best. Here, you will find unfiltered, authentic history, with all its shades of grey, while still including those moments of glory and bravery that make us patriots.

The museum features four main exhibits in its four core galleries, organized chronologically, that starts with a fifteen-minute film in the theater and continues with the first featured exhibit, Road to Independence, and concludes with the exhibit, A New Nation. The most anticipated presentation at the museum is General Washington’s Headquarters Tent, a multimedia presentation about Washington set in the place where he would have slept and made world-changing decisions.

Celebrate Flag Day at the Museum of the American Revolution for the 240th anniversary of the adoption of the US flag which took place on June 14th, 1777. On display for the public are two incredibly rare Revolutionary-era flags, the Monmouth Flag and the Forester Flag, two of the oldest surviving American flags from the late 1700s. These rare artifacts are genuine pieces of memorabilia that were created in our nation’s first hours and even before the Declaration of Independence was drafted.

With the wealth of knowledge, and the space to share it, Philadelphia has gained a significant player in its vast host of American heritage landmarks, museums, and sites. The city known as the Athens of America continues to grow its prestige in the realm of intellectual life.

Visit the museum website for more information, to purchase tickets, and to begin your journey through the infamous American Revolution.

The Museum of the American Revolution

101 South Third Street

Philadelphia PA 19106