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Trout Season in Southeast Pennsylvania

Although our namesake was inspired by our forests, Pennsylvania’s landscape is also covered in a beautiful network of fresh water as well as one of the world’s oldest rivers. Woodland waterways, rushing rapids, and ancient rivers on an epic scale all make Pennsylvania one of the best, and most beautiful, locations to enjoy fishing in the warmer seasons.

After the Mentored Youth Trout Fishing Day, Pennsylvania anglers in eighteen counties were eager for Opening Day of trout season to wade into the state’s 85,000 miles of streams and rivers and its 4,000 lakes and ponds. With temperatures in the 60s, this past weekend was a promising start to Pennsylvania’s 2017 Trout Season for the South East and South Central regions and a great opportunity to have some fun at the start of Spring (especially after two feet of snow). The rest of the state will have to wait until April 15th for a chance at a bite or the opportunity to catch the state fish, a brook trout. The middle section of French Creek in Chester County downstream of Route 100 near Phoenixville is a great spot for spring fishing. 

If you’re new to the sport, here’s some of the basics: some streams and lakes are Class A, others are stocked. This means that some of Pennsylvania's waterways are pristine and cold enough to have naturally reproducing trout populations sufficient for fishing, called Class A. Otherwise, the streams are filled with around three to four million trout to compensate for all of the state’s visitors for the fishing season. Check the website for a county guide on where to launch a boat or catch a trout, as well as driving directions, regulations, or stocking schedules.

If you haven’t purchased your fishing license, which is required, you can visit the Pennsylvania Fishing and Boat Commission website to get one online or to register your boat. You can also visit a fishing license issuing agent at one of the 900 locations around Pennsylvania. Keep your eye out for free fishing days, too!