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The Chatelaine B&B

Swan Room
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Keeper of the Keys

The Chatelaine Bed and Breakfast is a vintage farmhouse on the 1791 homestead purchased by Thomas Ferguson, founder of the village of Pine Grove Mills. Like the story of the village itself, the 1841 house is "…beautifully plain and blessedly simple…" But it is framed and furnished to create a softer ambience "...built layer by layer from the life's work, dreams, and (even) disappointments…of a people making and keeping a place called home." On your arrival, a welcoming signpost greets you from a border of 90 year-old perennials, proclaiming that you are safely home. Foundation plantings encircling the house with their seasonal blossoms entice a brigade of hummingbirds and clouds of butterflies, and invite you to relax in the dappled shade of centennial evergreens. Winter's blanket of snow will inspire sturdy souls to etch angel silhouettes in a palette of pure white.

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The Chatelaine
347 W. Pine Grove Rd
Pine Grove Mills, PA 16868


Mae and Amanda Mc Quade



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